Our ‘Why’

What we believe…


We LIVE what we teach.

We do Pilates as a team most days, and live by the Pilates Code everyday.

We believe that exercise doesn’t have to bust your back to be effective.

We believe that long term health is a journey not a 3 month ‘let’s get there now’ destination.

We believe that our joint health is as important as our muscle health.

We believe that the inside of our bodies are just as important as the outside of our bodies.

We believe in work/life balance and taking time out for ourselves.

We believe in prevention of pain, eradication of pain, and we believe in never giving up.

We believe that almost anything is possible if we believe it can happen.

One of our Therapists is known to say regularly “Persistence beats resistance” and we all believe and know this to be true.

We work in the studio everyday seeing amazing things happen to ordinary people.

We sit using our elevators, switch off ‘noisy’ muscles whilst we stand, breathe and are mindful when we feel rushed or stressed, prioritise our health as much as our fitness, we eat well, we do huffy puffy cardio exercise, we stretch, strengthen and stabilise daily with tips from the Pilates Code, we pick things up properly, and we use the right muscles in daily tasks.

That is why we PE staff feel like we can serve others. We have experienced the change in ourselves, and have seen first hand the difference the RIGHT, and the WRONG exercise can make to one’s life. We get up everyday to help clients get to the point of saying things like ‘I had my first pain-free day in 15 years today’. That is our why. That is why we exist. 







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