Get Skooled

Skooled – verb.

Etymology: derived from schooled – to be taught a lesson. Urban Dictionary


We at PE believe strongly in empowerment of clients. This starts with education.

If learning about your body and getting the most out of it for years to come  interests you (not just looking good now..)  read on.



Many people confuse strength with stability.

Strength is the ability for a muscle to exert force.

Ie. You need strength to pick up a heavy child, lift a full wheelbarrow, lift a weight



The ability to exert sub-maximal force for many repetitions.

Ie. If we asked you to do leg lift, how many of them would you be able to do without fatigue?

The easiest way to describe endurance is thinking about a marathon runner. They have to be able to run for a long distance, so do you think they need strength like a weight lifter to perform this? No. They would need to work on their endurance, and stability



Stability is so, so, so, so so, so  important!

This is where the magic happens.

The ability to control the body.

This is where most people fail. Epically.

Strength and stability are two different things. Very different things.

If all you do is strengthen muscles, without addressing dysfunctions, areas of stiffness and dominance, you will never achieve stability.

Ie. If you have strength, but poor stability you can still be susceptible to overuse injuries, and bio-mechanical injuries. Ie pain!


It is vital to learn which muscles and specifically which part of the muscle should be working. You should know exactly how to get them switching on and how to make that a new pattern – and keep it working like that – permanently!




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