Before you leave for Bali

Before you leave for Bali….

Have you visited your Doctor?

When you see your GP, let them know that you will be travelling to Bali, Indonesia. They can advise you on the necessary steps to take to ensure you are protected whilst overseas.

Do you have any medical conditions or dietary requirements?

If there are specific requirements you follow, please let us know as soon as possible. We are able to have a card made up for you with your specific details on it translated into the local dialect so you can be sure not to eat or do the wrong things. Handy for when you are eating out and need to describe to the waiter that you are ‘gluten free’ for example!

What will the weather be like?


Bali is expected to be warm during the retreat period. Estimated lows of 23 degrees and highs of 31 degrees for July/August. July is generally the end of the cooler months, 23 being cool! This is high season for Bali, (meaning lots of travellers love to flock to Bali around August/September) as the humidity is quite low and the weather is generally really comfortable. Not too hot, not too cold or wet.

What to pack?

Well, you won’t need the kitchen sink! On almost every corner there is a convenience store for general ‘Woollies’ bought items. The markets and Ubud stores will have clothing, gifts, jewellery and much more.

So shorts and shirts are fine, however for the plane trip over, and for some cloudy days a cardigan may be needed by some. As this is a Pilates retreat, exercise clothing you can move in should be packed, however every year I head down to the markets when I arrive and buy around $40 worth of clothes to get me through the week.


Shorts or loose 3/4 pants (I wear Bali pants and shorts around mostly)

Shirts, considering the sun having a couple of light long sleeved shirts might be helpful

Undergarments – enough knickers, bra’s / singlets to last the week

Phone charger

Phone and/or camera




A good book if that is your thing.

Sun screen

Insect repellent

Joggers or walking shoes for the rice paddy walk and jungle trek that have good grip

Long pants and long shirt for Jungle Trek (I normally wear Bali pants and a long sleeved shirt or a light cardigan)

A cardigan or something warm, for the morning meditations and just in case!

We’re having a goodbye dinner on the last night, and most of the time I put in a little extra effort to wear a nice top or dress. Not mandatory at all, and definitely not formal – but a nice way to end the week.

Adaptor – see below 🙂Aus-Bali Addaptor

Mobile Phone Information…

After you hear stories about people returning from holidays to a $700 phone bill, it is probably a good idea that I add this section. Ensure you have called your phone provider to let them know you are heading overseas, and that you would like to switch on global roaming. Ensure to also ask them how to turn your data (phone internet) off, as this can be charged at crazy high rates whilst overseas.  It is about $200 per 5 minutes of facebook! Pricey. There is free internet at the retreat centre, and also a guest computer with internet access. I try not to check my emails whilst away, but the computer is there if you need to connect with the outside world.

If you are a little more savvy, you can purchase a local sim card (about $10 and add $5 for a recharge) and then give your family your ‘Bali number to contact’ and this can save you a lot of money. However, if you’re not planning on using your phone a lot, you might opt for the easier global roaming.


Airport Arrival…

Getting off the plane you will be ushered towards customs. There are booths which are all well staffed, but do expect this to take at least 10 minutes.

Do I need a visa?

No, finally Bali have changed the rules!

All costs incurred are now included in your airfare.


Baggage Claim and ‘Porters’

After clearing customs, the baggage claim is next. When you see your bag/s it is important to know that there may be a few people hanging around the carousel who offer to take your bags. These are not airport staff and they will expect to be paid in ‘tips’ if they carry your bags outside for you ( only a short walk) but can be helpful if you wish to be guided outside of the airport.

This tends to be more important for me as I am returning to Australia, as they lead you directly to your gate. Saves a lot of time, and is worth the $5 pp I pay =) I always get them to carry my bags, and end up paying each guy (there are usually two) 50,000 each for carrying them for me, but this does include the carrying through security. This equates to about $5 each in our money. The way I look at it, the time saved is worth it. Also, if it is your first time it tends to be a new experience that can be added to your trip!

Walking out of the airport…

Prepare for the hustle and bustle! It will be busy and when you exit the airport, and you will definitely be mobbed by taxi drivers. If you are flying in early, taxi’s are metered and are not expensive. They have set fees for different areas of Bali, so there will be no ripping off the tourists here.

If you are arriving on the 24th July, your driver will be holding up a sign with your name on it (after you pass through customs). If you arrive early and are staying at another hotel, a transfer on the day of the retreat is provided. Please pass along your details as soon as possible.

Take a minute just to relax, and look around for your driver. There will be a plethora of people, but just take a minute to survey. We will be in Bali early, so if you have any troubles with locating your driver, you will have my mobile number to call if you need help at the airport.

We’ve got your back as soon as you get off the plane, so don’t worry about a thing. Even though overseas, we are just a phone call away.


5 Nights and 6 Days of heaven…

Yay! You’ve arrived at Bagus Jati and are ready to relax.

Take the Sunday to gel with your surroundings and enjoy the beautiful grounds.

Take a dip in the spring-fed pool, or sit and relax in the Jacuzzi.

Meander the gorgeous surrounding and lush flora and fauna, watching monkeys and birds in the surrounding forest.

Spa Treatments

Included in your package is a spa treatment consisting of 1 hour of Balinese Massage. We have negotiated a 20% discount on the spa fees for Pilates Exclusive Retreats guests, and generally on the days free attendees wish to book an extra treatment or so at their own expense. I know I have at least 3 booked! The prices are very reasonable, and the treatments help me to unwind. I have booked a treatment a day, I am there to relax to a mouth open, drooling, and spacey zone! You can choose your drool level, and book your extra treatments when you arrive at the centre 🙂

Sample Program (Depending on the retreat centre this may change slightly)

24th July – Arrival Day, Day 1

5pm: Meeting at the Pilates Pavilion

7pm: Dinner

25th July – Day 2

7:30am: Meditation – Mindfulness

8am: Breakfast

10am: Pilates and Stretching

12pm: Lunch

Time to relax / Spa treatments

5pm: Gentle Pilates and Massage Ball Session

6:30pm: Dinner

26th July – Day 3

7:30am: Meditation – Mindfulness

8am: Breakfast

10am: Pilates and Stretching

12pm: Depart for Jungle Trek and Picnic Lunch

Time to relax / Spa treatments

6:30pm: Dinner

27th July – Day 4

7:30am: Meditation – Mindfulness

8am: Breakfast

10am: Pilates and Stretching

12pm: Lunch

Time to relax / Spa treatments

5pm: Gentle Pilates and Massage Ball Session

6:30pm: Dinner

28th July – Day 5

7:30am: Meditation – Mindfulness

8am: Breakfast

10am: Pilates and Stretching

12pm: Depart for Sari Organik and Rice Paddy Walk.

Followed by shopping in the hustle and bustle of Ubud.

Time to relax / Spa treatments

6:30pm: Dinner

29th July – Day 6

7:30am: Meditation – Mindfulness

8am: Breakfast

10am: Pilates and Stretching

12pm: Checkout and enjoy the feeling of  relaxation…

Bagus Jati can store your luggage if you wanted to take a trip down to the markets or into Ubud. As most flights don’t depart until late in the evening, an extended checkout may be organised upon check-in. You are still welcome to use the facilities and spa after checking out. Usually I would check out and go into Ubud for lunch, come back and have a spa treatment before heading down to the airport before 6pm for 10:30pm flight. If you are staying another few nights somewhere else, you can have the centre transfer you there. This is included in your fees.


Airport Departure…

It is best to allow plenty of time to get to the airport, as sometimes local celebrations can block streets and getting to the airport can be 10 metres of movement every 5 minutes! Best to plan ahead, leave earlier than necessary, and ask at reception if anything big is happening on your departure day.

When you arrive at the airport, you may likely be met by a row of porters who are ready to take your baggage (this depends on your flight, they generally are only there around the busy times). Again, these guys don’t work for the airport and will expect a fee for taking you to the terminal. I agree on a price with a porter, (usually between 50,000 and 100, 000 ($5 or $10)  and they take me directly to security and guide me through the airport. Totally worth it. No hassle, and straight in. Love it!


Basic Language…

It is always fun to pick up a few words along the way isn’t it?!

Here are a few basic words to get you by. If you want more check out my videos, I love Bahasa!

Greetings and Civilities

Good Morning – Selamat Pagi

Good Midday/Early Afternoon – Selamat Siang

Good Late Afternoon/Evening – Selamat Sore

Good Night – Selamat Malam

How are you? Apa Kabar?

I am fine – Kabar Baik


Yes – Ya / Tentu

OK – Beres

No / Not – Tidak / Bukan

Thankyou – Terima kasih

You’re Welcome – Kembali

Please – Tolong / Silakan

Sorry – Ma’af


How much? – Berapa?

How much is it? – Berapa Harganya?

I want to buy this – Saya mau beli



Begin taking a good quality Probiotic at least a week before leaving, and during your stay (consult your doctor to discuss if there are other health considerations for you)

Wash your hands thoroughly before eating and drinking

Be sensible about what you eat and the quantity, especially if it is a new food to you

Ask for drinks without ice cubes, or ask if they use filtered water or local (best to avoid ice cubes if possible to be safe!)

Drink only bottled water, and ensure you drink enough

MOST people forget these last two, but brush your teeth and rinse with only bottled water

When showering keep your mouth closed and do not lick your lips, do not let the local water touch your tongue!


Getting the most out of your retreat…

As tempting as it is to answer all emails that have been stacking up, and heading into Ubud every day, I would recommend staying and immersing yourself at Bagus Jati. Bring that book you’ve been meaning to read, or watch a movie and lay in bed for a few hours. Sprawl out on the grass somewhere private, and listen to the world around you. It is amazing how you manage to fill your time, and how slow time moves when you are relaxed and have a clear head.

Free transfers between Ubud and the retreat centre are provided, so if you wish to pop down to pick up a few things you need only organise it with the retreat centre in advance. The hustle and bustle is EXACTLY what you are trying to get away from, and I have found it most helpful to me when I stayed put and chilled. I normally head into Ubud once or twice  in my week of retreat, and try to get all gifts in the one swoop when possible. Again, this is totally up to you.

I love retreats, and can’t wait to get there this year. I will be unplugging, and spending some time on me!

See you there.

Melanie Xx






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