Pain Parabola

Chronic pain has a nasty habit of sticking around.

Our “Pain Parabola’ is what we at PE use to describe pain that has a specific pattern to it.

Our specialty is breaking the Pain Parabola for good! Not just making you feel a bit better, or to ‘manage’ your pain.

We want you to feel like you get on top of it, and that you are in control of your body – not the other way around!


We specialise in breaking the pattern of pain:

1. How often you get pain     Eg. Does it flare up every few days, weeks, months?

2. How severe the pain is     E.g How you rate the severity.

3. How long it lasts                Eg. If you aggravate it, how long does it stay that way?


Many clients will tell us:

“Every time I do gardening I pay for it, I am out for at least 2 days after a day in the garden”

“My back ‘goes’ every couple of weeks and I suffer for a while before it ‘comes good’ again”

“I can’t pick up the grand kids without pain, I love them but my back hurts for a day or so after babysitting”

“Sitting at the computer is agony. I sit at a desk job all week, and I have put up with the pain, but it spreads across my neck and shoulders and is constantly there all week”


We use the Pain Parabola to identify pain patterns which are unique to each client, map their improvements in pain patterns and ensure the’re  getting closer and closer each day to a “breakthrough”. A  breakthrough is where they feel in control of their body once again, and finally feel confident to do the things that as above, they would normally be aggravated doing.

This client was referred by Doctor Gareth Thomas (Sportsmedicine) had SIJ pain, lower back pain, general hypertonicity in most of her muscles and completely hypermobile. She was struggling to pick up and play with her kids as she was battling daily, horrible and debilitating pain. Doctor Thomas sent her to me as a last resort prior to having a needle injected into this joint. Cue cold shivers! Like many other PE clients this lovely lady was not going to accept the fate of being constantly in pain and decided to make a change…

What a big change. Life change. She has experienced her first pain free in 15 years and she has no intention of stopping with one.

If you want more quality of life and less ‘this pain thing sucks’ we’re here for you.

We’re ready to do everything in our power, plus more to get you there.



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