Fresh Organic Food

3 healthy meals a day.

Freshly prepared organic produce literally from 10 metres away in the garden!

Bagus Jati have a whole range of fruit, vegetables and flowers that they grow organically on site.

This means that the food is growing in the garden pretty much up until it’s time to be picked for lunch.

The chefs can cater to gluten free, dairy free, vegetarian and any other requirement regarding your food. We’ve got you covered.


Retreat food is of gourmet quality, and is presented beautifully and with pride.


Breakfast is usually a buffet, with a cook to order omelette chef, and other delicious goodies to start the day.

Lunch and Dinner will change daily.  The daily Dinner is a 3 course meal!

Wine and other drinks are available at your request.


The food is gourmet, delicious, fresh, and stunningly presented.






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