Where does this path lead me?!

The retreat centre is full of stairs that can be followed to waterfalls and different little “chill spots” around the grounds – this set however, leads down to the Pilates Pavilion.


Here are the common questions we are asked…

When is the retreat held?

The retreat starts Sunday 1st July and finishes Saturday 7th July 2018.


Do I need to have Pilates experience to go on the retreat?

Although it is preferred, if you are a ‘newbie’ then you are most welcome. As we have two Pilates Movement Therapists between 12 people there will be plenty of help if a movement needs further explanation or you need to be given a lower or higher level. If you haven’t had any experience, it may be wise to let us know this when you book, and we might be able to hook you up with a local Pilates studio beforehand.


Is this for men and women?

Yes. Both sexes are absolutely welcome.


How long does it take to get to the retreat centre? 

From Denpasar (where the airport is) it is approximately two hours.


How far from Ubud is it?

The retreat centre is about 30 minutes from Ubud, but about a 10 minute walk from your villa is Jati village. Jati has local wood carvings, arts and crafts to purchase and a convenience store. Not that you’ll need it, as the centre has everything you could ever want or need PLUS more!


Does this retreat run every year?

It sure does! We only accept a small group of people per year, and next retreat you could be one of them 🙂


What is the weather like?

Hot, to warm to slightly cool. We select August each year, as the humidity is at its lowest in Bali. The weather is really pleasant and the most you will need is a cardigan or light jacket for the mornings or evenings. The sun can get hot during the day, but that is what the pool is for! The pool is sheltered from the really hot days by a big wall that runs the length of the spring-fed pool to the pool bar. If you want some sun, the pool lounges opposite the pool bar is where I’ll find you I suppose. Mostly, shorts and a shirt are appropriate for 90% of the time.


What is the accommodation like?

Luxury and pampering. In two words. Anything you want, at anytime, just call the front desk and they will organise it for you. In Bali, nothing is too difficult, and the people are extremely accommodating.


How do I found out more information?

Head to our facebook page and you can read, watch our videos, and browse through pictures of the centre.




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