Why We Don’t Do Classes

Yet again the answer to this question is simple.

We help more people achieve their results quicker with studio sessions.

Studio sessions allow us to get around to each person in the session and check that they are using the right muscles, we can address their individual needs and progress each and every person at their level. This is the fastest way we’ve found to help our clients achieve their goals.

If someone comes in with an aggravation, we don’t just ‘go easy’ ¬†or avoid it with that person for the session. We address it. We fix it. Then we move on.

If you come to us with a goal of fixing that bad lower back, we feel it is a little unfair to give you the same exercises that would fix some one elses hip. I mean, it would still help, but it doesn’t get you to your goal any faster. So you have a nice butt after doing all of that glute work but how is your back going?

We don’t avoid or go easy. We fix, and move on. We get stuff done. We move and we shake things up. We do different.

Our program is about doing things correctly, and for each¬†person’s ability and goals.

We get results, and we rid the world of pain one back, pelvis, hip, and neck at a time.

Sick of feeling like each year brings more stiffness, discomfort, pain, loss of hope?

Look us up. We’re here to serve.

We’ve got your back.

Let’s do this together.



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