Your Questions Answered

In session, our clients ask our Movement Therapists a lot of interesting questions. Here are the answers to some of them.

How long does Pilates take to work?

It starts working instantly. From the moment that we teach you how to find neutral spine, to the quiet standing, to learning to switch your core on. Many people mistake benefits of stability¬†with benefits of strength or flexibility. Pilates identifies your body’s areas of improvement, so from the first minute of your first session, we will begin to address that clicky hip, or that dodgy knee, or that stiffness across your shoulders.

We explain to you the evidence based science behind our method, and from day dot you are empowered with knowledge about your body. What your posture type is – and how to fix it, if your body is generally hypermobile or hypomobile, where are your areas of instability – and how to fix it. The list goes on.

What if I don’t have chronic pain or any pain at all? Am I still invited?

Yes. The ‘Prevent’, in our Preserve, Prevent, Prevail is made just for you! If you are interested in using the right muscles, changing your posture, preventing pain for the future you are welcome to the studio. Our clients attend for personalised attention and for the faster results that come from not wasting time doing exercises that aren’t 100% targeted towards your body and goals.

Joseph Pilates didn’t get that buff breathing in the corner. Pilates after fixing your weak bits actually is quite a challenging workout. However we never compromise stability or poor form for the allure of a better 6 pack. If it compromises the safety of your body we simply won’t prescribe it. We believe exercise doesn’t have to be aggressive on your body to be effective.



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