From the decorations to the ambiance of the evening.

Mary ‘Effie’ Coustas was so entertaining and motivating the whole night. A true star inside and out. Being someone who gets star struck easily, I almost died when she came up to me afterwards, wrapped her arm around me and whispered the NICEST things. Yes, I could have died. That was the cherry on top!

WOW was truly the fitting word for the event.

Listen to me give you the scoop on all the shenanigans of the night:  [CLICK HERE]

So… I guess you want me to cut right to it……

I took home a highly commended, and here it is. Woohoo!


Next time you’re in the studio for a session you’ll see it at reception keeping Pat company…!


Stoked about not stacking it whilst walking up the stairs to the stage, they should hand out awards for that! But – the plaque is nice too!

That’s 2 wins for the night then.

  1. The HC plaque
  2. Not stacking it in front of everyone =)

The winner of Outstanding Optimism was Lisa Green from Bathurst, and she also took out the overall Ambassador award for our region. Lisa is the one in the gold dress to the left. Congrats Lisa!


Now onto the outfits.

Israel and I wore matching outfits – of course.

For all who have asked about my dress…..well, here it is. Notice the posture too peeps, nothing worse than a slouchy, poke necked picture. Natural, neutral posture that’s held without effort, is merely one of the many perks that Pilates offers to participants.

And how handsome is Israel? Of course, I know I am a little biased.

Also, before you say it, yes I do love the beard!


A wore a gorgeous off the shoulder gold top with an ankle length black silk skirt. K wore a lovely dark blue dress, laced across the chest with a knee length pleated bottom. K and I danced the night away to ABBA lanche, and had a stellar time on the dance floor! The ladies aren’t so keen on having their pictures taken – but took great pleasure in snapping plenty of me…

In this one, you can see behind me how well the room was decorated. Gold sashes on the chairs, glowing gold balls on each table… they really went all out.

414 913

Behind us here you can just see a glimmer of one of the two screens that were either side of the stage. we were right up the back and you could see everything perfectly.


I also couldn’t help but pose with a couple of dazzling ladies here and there too!


Sass and Bide baby – with my favourite Loubi’s to match. Here is a sneaky pic A took of them when we met in the foyer.

My heels, if I may add were apparently a ‘surprising’ choice to my entourage. Who made me feel so uplifted I felt like a princess – and I’m not kidding about that.




Back to the heels. What? A surprise? No way – as they learnt last Saturday, I was born to wear heels. For those haters out there you’ll have to pull the heels off from my cold, dead body. I LOVE HEELS! If you know the right things to do, you can wear heels and still be supporting your joints. Knowing what your risk factors are and what to do to be able to wear heels is half of it. The other half, is what you do after you take them off.

Heel spiel aside, my support system was amazing and it was a fantastic night. One that I would recommend to anyone thinking about attending next year. Last Saturday is not an experience that I’m likely to forget – ever!

Mel out.




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