Fall Free February is all about fall prevention and making people aware of how serious a simple fall can be.

In the studio this month we are aiming to educate our clients about the importance of balance, as most falls are preventable.

It is our aim that each and every one of our clientele are in the ‘low risk’ of falling category. In studio, Fall Free Feb will initiate balance exercises that can help individuals achieve this goal.

Jenny, one of our clients has gone from high risk of falling, to low risk in just 6 weeks. To watch the short video about how Jenny achieved this [CLICK HERE].

All of the statistics that I referred to can be found at the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare website and it is a wake up call for not only the over 65 years group, but everyone.

I hope that if you need help in fall prevention, or know someone that does, please make sure that help is sought before it is too late.

If you’d like us to help you with your balance and stability look us up, and take action today.

Remember, most falls are preventable.

Increase your balance with graded, progressive and prescriptive balance exercises.

Our studio sessions fix problems, and if your problem is balance – we can help.

Happy Thursday,

Mel out.



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