It’s a new month and we’ve got a new challenge – Ascension April

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I’m on the beach, and the wind is making the video shoot interesting to say the least!

This month I’m reminded how Pilates can be difficult to explain in words, without actually experiencing the transformative and addictive form of movement. Many people – especially some of the newbs at the studio haven’t quite ‘worked Pilates out’ yet.

Hopefully this month will explain this whole ‘Pilates thing’ a little more, for those who are new to stability, and the mechanics of the body.

Skills learnt at Pilates are not just for Pilates. Learning the mechanics of how the body works will help you avoid injury and keep your body safe in day to day tasks.

Pilates teaches you skills. The exercises we select for you, allow you to practise those skills under the watchful eye of a Therapist. When you have mastered the skill you then need to put it into practise in your ‘outside the studio’ life – where it will make the difference.

Attending for two hours per week isn’t enough if you don’t change your movement habits. We can’t be with you 24/7 making sure you’re moving safely, using the right muscles. So….

In the studio we teach you skills, but you must be the one responsible for applying those skills in life. Just ‘doing Pilates’ won’t make your body impervious to injury. Just showing up and walking through the doors doesn’t mean you’ll be invincible upon leaving… Hence why Pilates is not just exercise!

So where does that learning of skills fit into April’s theme?


Pilates is graded into levels of difficulty. After what feels like forever, when you’ve knee opened and knee floated yourself to perfect execution, and mastered these pre-pilates skills – do you get the REAL Pilates movements. Strength IS NOT stability. If you are unable to control your neutral spine, keep your core engaged, engage the correct muscle/s  whilst ‘keeping your tray of marbles’ you must continue to work in session and at home to be able to achieve these skills, and thus ‘unlock’ the next level.

Uniformity between strength, stability, mobility is the goal here. Having a body that is supple, strong and STABLE is what we should all strive to achieve. Not developing overly bulky muscles, or just strength, or just flexibility. It is about balance and function.

The April challenge has been set out to teach the skill of ‘stability of neutral spine’ and under increasing load as you go up through the levels.

If you’re not moving forward, you’re gong backwards.

Watch the video, master the skills, unlock your next level and have fun with it!

Smile peeps. Life’s good.

Mel out.



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