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When people ask about our services for the first time, they generally include the next two questions:

1. What times are your classes ?

2. How much do they cost?


If you’re basing your judgement primarily on those two factors – you’re missing out, because…. let’s face it. There will always be a cheaper price. If that is all you want, it’s probably best if you leave our site now.

Is the cheapest price for the wrong service the right choice? A mouthful isn’t it?! Let me say it this way.

Would you be happy paying for something that only partially solves your problem?


Let’s go through some of the questions you should be asking your next Exercise Instructor / Pilates Instructor / Movement Therapist:

1. Does your studio offer what I really want?

2. Will you spend fifteen + minutes with me if needed, to establish honestly if what you have to offer is what I actually want?

3. If I can be better helped elsewhere would you send me there?


We will chat with you in a simple phone call or in person, and go through these questions above to work out if we are the best fit for you. We’re honestly personally invested in our clients and we’re passionate about helping people achieve ‘better.’ We aren’t the studio for everyone, and we know it. Our studio deals with winners, movers and shakers. We deal with awesome people all day long and that is partially the reason that we are so selective in who we let enter our space.


Starter Package – $265

Every new client starts here. Includes your Initial Consultation and 2 Follow Up Private Sessions with a Pilates Movement Therapist. All sessions are 1 hour in duration, and include use of the Real Time Ultrasound to ensure you are activating the correct muscles. A Therapist will work with you one on one.

Ask as many questions as you like and learn to do things properly. Perform Pilates with the right technique, and importantly, the right muscles. Take out the guess work. Save time.


Pay on time Private aka POTP

A Private worth $95, for a session off your block!

One POTP is included in each block you purchase on time. Ie On time means, if you renew on your last session in your block you will automatically get a POTP. This is a 1 hour Private with a Therapist to reassess your improvement in strength, re-measure flexibility, check your progress on your current goals, and if needed set new goals. This is important to ensure that the level of exercise in sessions is specific to your progress. The Real Time Ultrasound plays an integral role of the POTP, as we can see if your core muscles are strong enough to withstand the next level of exercises we wish to progress you to. This session tells us what is working, what isn’t working and what we need to do about it to keep you progressing.

If you prefer not wasting a single moment and wish to address your specific needs in the fastest way possible, we are the place for you.



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