Our Program

Our program isn’t an overnight fix, but it’s a permanent one.

We specialise in making movement easier for you. We help you break the pain cycle for good, and we stop it from coming back.

If you are interested in preventing pain or rehabilitating your body, our business exists specifically for you.


So. You’re in pain. You feel like you’ve tried everything and you make excuses like ‘I’m just getting older’ I’m only in pain because I have arthritis or I’m only in pain because insert your pathology here’.

Your quality of life has been affected and you can’t do the things you want to do. It’s likely along the way someone has told you that you have to ‘live with it’ and as much as that is true you still feel like life could be better. It’s likely you’ve had some spot treatments that have helped somewhat but you think you still deserve more. You feel like you’re on a downward spiral and you can’t do anything about it, or it’s improved to a point but then stayed there. CUE Pilates Exclusive, we have the answer.
Preserve, Prevent, Prevail

Our 12 Month Program

Not overnight fix, but a permanent one. We help you to understand why you are in pain, and we show you ways to start prevailing over it.

You see, this is a fight. Between your body and you. But who’s going to win?

Quick fixes are quick to fix, and generally quick to fall apart. Leaving you in just as much pain as before.

Anything you apply quickly has the nasty habit, of not becoming a new pattern – and without regular attention can easily fall back into ‘the old way’

We give you the confidence you need to daily tasks without fear of hurting yourself.

Our program is designed to take into account your current injuries and pathologies. We work out EXACTLY what your goals are and it’s pretty simple really. We develop a unique program to get you there!

Break the pain cycle – for good!




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