An Initial Consultation is required before starting any Session or Class. Read more about Initial Consultations and prices in “Fee Structure”

Pilates for Rehabilitation

Our most commonly used service. Pilates for rehabilitation uses exercise therapy and the specialist Pilates Equipment to put your body into a comfortable position where you can learn about your injury and management techniques which will help you in daily life.

Exercise Therapy starts with gentle exercises which slowly progress you through your injury with exercises to make your life easier.

Pilates for Fitness

If you just want to tone, relax and feel better about yourself then this is where you stop reading and call us! Pilates is fantastic for firming the body and getting more flexibility. Pilates Exclusive uses spring resistance equipment to help you achieve your fitness goals faster.

Pilates is fun! Don’t make exercise work! Come and hang upside down on our Trapeze Table and feel what it is like to master exercises such as ‘Teaser, The Hundred, Elephant and Orangutan!’ Pilates sessions run throughout the week at a time that suits you!

Pilates for Pregnancy

With a precious baby inside you need to exercise safely! Did you know that there are a few positions which are dangerous to your baby and you whilst pregnant?

Learn about which muscles you need to keep strong during pregnancy. Feel good about exercising safely! Learn about your Pelvic Floor, how to keep it strong and address your core muscles.

*Please note that regardless of what type of exercise you undertake during pregnancy, that for the health of you and your baby you must speak with your doctor and receive clearance prior to starting any exercise regime.