How to start at Pilates Exclusive

Want what we’ve got?

If you are motivated to make a change, start today.

Here’s how…


The next bit is easy.

Call us and speak to a Therapist!

02 6885 1144

Off the bat. You’ve probably gathered by now that we do things differently.

We want to ensure that we are the right place for you, and that you are the right type of client for us.

We’ll go through a few questions we have to establish what you really want and need. this helps us determine if our program is suitable for you.

We’ll help you unpack your thoughts and actually LISTEN to you about your previous experiences, your goals, your current situation and discuss why you are now motivated to make a change.

If you want all we’ve got, we’re here to serve.

Ready to have your back. We’re on your side. We’re in this together.








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